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In the normal use of the battery, why sometimes suddenly appeared power outage phenomenon?

This kind of situation, general for battery and mobile phone terminal to poor contact between power, can check the battery and mobile phone terminal whether there is expanding and phenomenon, such as useful soft cloth to wipe clean. If still problems, may be slightly adjusted mobile terminal to ensure compact connection.

To the cold country travel, battery can use time suddenly shortened?

Usually, in low temperature environment, the battery internal chemical activity can be reduced, the internal chemical impedance increase, so the battery discharge capacity drops temporarily. In a cold environment, please reduce electronic products directly exposed to the external use in the air, and at the same time, remember, not to the battery for baking heating, otherwise it will cause the battery overheat as well as the safety fault. The low temperature caused by the battery performance decline, will return to the battery at room temperature returned to normal.

Why the battery use time more and more short?

The battery as a chemical system power all have certain natural life span, along with the increase of the number of use of the internal chemical activity will gradually decrease, the battery capacity will gradually decline, when the battery service life to, even if full of electrical, electronic product can operation time will be shorten. At this time, please replace the battery.

How to store, maintenance batteries?

A, we suggest, long-term do not use battery, do not turn the battery in the equipment, it shall be within the battery discharge to a half electric state (i.e. equipment on display only half power), and then will be stored in a dry battery, room temperature environment inside, can store in our complimentary PVC protective sleeve inside protected.

B, for long-term storage battery, in order to keep the battery performance can be in the best condition, please every three months out of the battery recharging time, charge to a half electric state can be stored.

Just bought MOMAX battery, the battery with a drawstring, this have what use?

Part of the MOMAX battery with a drawstring, this is auxiliary tool, due to the pursuit of mobile phone structure exquisite, some mobile phone built-in battery when choose is difficult, therefore, in the cell increases a pull TAB for select the battery, this does not affect the cell phone operation, please keep use.

How to know the battery has already filled with?

A. if standby charge, please see mobile phone screen or cell phone light display.

B. if is to use MOMAX intelligent seat charger to the battery charging time, intelligent seat charger on the display lamp number recognition charging status, when connect the power that light blue light, when the battery load, display light turns into blue lights flashing, when the full display in the long light blue from light condition.

C. If is to use MOMAX multi-function battery charger to the battery to charge the battery charger, multi-function on the display lamp number recognition charging status, when connect the power that goes on green, when the battery load, display light turns into blue light, when the full display will become green state.

The alternative MOMAX battery can use original charger charge?

MOMAX cell is can use original charger to charging. Suggest you can choose MOMAX intelligent seat charger or multi-purpose battery charger to original battery charging.

Just bought MOMAX battery, the first charge to imitation how long?

The first before using, please go to the battery to charge the batteries, time, until about three to eight hours (depending on the time needed for specific cell types, battery power itself the allowance and different), and then put into the mobile phone, photographic equipment in use, to test the battery is full.

Standard cell and high capacity battery what's the difference?

Standard cell with high capacity battery in the cell structure shape without obvious difference, but the high capacity battery battery core of material in use after the lithium battery technology processing, pole piece capacity, high capacity battery higher than standard cell generally higher than about 10-30% of capacity, standby and conversation time significantly longer.

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